I am a faculty member at the Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Operations Division at the Leeds School of Business, the University of Colorado Boulder.

I am a management researcher and educator who examines how individuals collaborate to develop novel ideas and creative solutions for complex challenges in spite of the constraints they face in organizations, startups and partnerships. Specifically, my research explores collaborative creativity, mentoring and collective choice in the context of entrepreneurship and employee retention. My research goal is to improve organizational innovation.

A former Apple product manager and entrepreneur, my practical experience enriches his teaching and informs his research. I am a versatile and innovative educator who teaches entrepreneurship, strategy and leadership. Having taught diverse students and managers in the U.S. and Asia, I recently designed and taught a popular collaborative creativity course at Wageningen University, The Netherlands. You can read more here about how I applied research to solve organizational innovation challenges

In terms of practical impact, I have conducted over a hundred conjoint analysis studies for innovation-seeking high-tech organizations including Apple, Best Buy, CEA, IBM, Motorola, Philips Medical and others. I serves on boards and am an award-winning author who published over 90 trade articles.