“When one teaches, two learn” – Robert Heinlein

University of Colorado, Boulder
Leeds School of Business, Management & Entrepreneurship
Deming Center for Entrepreneurship

  • I teach the following courses:
      MGMT 3030 Critical Leadership Skills, Fall 2016
      BUSM 3003 Introduction to Entrepreneurship: New Venture Creation, Fall 2016
  • I guest lectured for the following management and entrepreneurship courses:
      ESBM 3700 Entrepreneurial Environments, Summer 2015
      ESBM 3700 Entrepreneurial Environments, Fall 2015
      MGMT 3030 Critical Leadership Skills, Fall 2015
      MGMT 3030 Critical Leadership Skills, Fall 2014

Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Management Studies Group, Fall 2015

I designed and taught a collaborative creativity module based on my dissertation. My students were Polish PhD students and young scientists of the TransFormation program. My creativity module included two sections:

  • Creativity and Constraints in Organizations: We compare individual and collaborative creativity. Participants gain a practical and theoretical understanding of the differential effects of constraints on individuals and groups. Through hands-on activities and group discussions, participants explore the supportive role of constraints when individuals collaborate on developing an idea.

    My collaborative creativity exercise for groups that include marginalized stakeholders is a forthcoming Teaching Innovation in the 2016 Annual Review of Social Partnerships.

  • Idea Generation and Re-framing: This section helps participants understand the critical role of re-framing in idea acceptance. Seeing a problem from different perspectives helps investors, customers and other stakeholders accept an idea and appreciate its potential as a solution to a given problem. Participants practice re-framing using processes such as design thinking, customer empathy maps and the four-frame model.

University of Houston
I taught multiple sections of algebra, calculus and finite math over four semesters.

Multiple Industry Associations, USA and Canada
I designed and delivered a full-day workshop to provide managers with in-depth understanding of the conjoint analysis process. This hands-on workshop prepares managers to work closely with experts to design and execute predictive studies using trade-off tasks and simulations to forecast innovation outcomes.

I enjoy teaching quantitative methods and qualitative management courses. My teaching is informed by my active research and experience as an entrepreneur and an Apple product manager.